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Thank you for you interest in North Training s.r.o.
My name is Shaun North and I would like to briefly introduce myself, my company and explain why we are the best choice for you.

I am originally from Reading in the United Kingdom. As a qualified teacher, I have been teaching English and preparing people for the Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE and BEC exams since 1996.

I personally established the company in 2009 having left my last position as Exams Business Development Manager for Germany and Switzerland. Prior to this I held the positions of British Council Manager, Brno and Assistant Manager of the British Council Teaching Centre in Prague. In setting up the company my aim was – and still is – to take advantage of my strengths in both English teaching and management skills training and provide services of the highest quality.

I cannot claim that my company has hundreds of huge clients, and I intend to never be in a position to make that claim. We want to build long-term, beneficial relationships with companies and individuals so that they always have a reliable partner for their training. My focus is on providing quality lessons, which are very interactive, effective, and last but not least, fun.

I personally recruit all our teachers and trainers, who must be experienced and qualified. I do this because I truly believe experience is invaluable and makes the learning process so much more efficient. Furthermore, the teachers have significant experience of teaching Czech and Slovak students and know where to focus their attention (tenses, prepositions, articles and phrasal verbs to name but a few…). I always meet each of our clients before a course begins to ensure that I provide the teacher who is best-suited to their needs and character. However, should a client feel a change is required, then I will provide it.

Thank you once again for your interest in my company. I truly understand it is difficult to choose a provider for language and soft skills training. If you would like to contact me to discuss your requirements further please do contact me personally. My email is shaun.north@northtraining.eu.

Best wishes


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